Miss Butte County

Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition provides an opportunity to enhance your personal development in the areas of poise, self-confidence, communication skills, and good sportsmanship. All contestants can enjoy participating in the event and receive a memento of the competition. It will be a memorable learning experience for those who challenge themselves by being a participant. The competition is not a beauty contest, but rather a program that fosters community service and personal development through the various areas of competition.

The program began around 1960 with the Golden Feather Girl. About 1966, the program name was changed to Miss Butte County. The program experienced many changes as society always does. During the 1990's the infamous "bathing suit" competition was removed as a phase of competition in hopes to change the fa├žade of a "Beauty Pageant."

In 2004, the Butte County Fair Board voted to change the name of the program to mirror the California State program to "Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition."

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition consists of the following programs:

  • Miss Butte County Ages 16-19
  • Miss Teen Butte County Ages 13-15
  • Missette Butte County Ages 9-12
  • Future Miss Butte County Ages 4-8

Each contestant is judged on personality in their interview, personal introductions (speech), talent and impromptu question. The Miss Teen and Miss divisions also have a community service requirement.

These young ladies who are selected to represent our great county of Butte as a titleholder, they have one year to wear their crown and experience personal growth like none other. During their reign as a Queen, 1st Runner-Up, or Congeniality, they have the opportunity to participate in community service activities while promoting the Program and the Butte County Fair. During these events, they will learn what it means to get their hands dirty, meet new people and grow into a more well-rounded individual.

The crown opens doors that would not be opened for them otherwise.

2019 Miss Butte County Pageant Winners

Haley Amator:
Miss Butte County

Lauren Kelly:
1st Runner Up

Kayllen Barnette:
2nd Runner Up

Addie Scott:
Miss Teen

Kelly Duggins:
1st Runner Up

Katie Bynum:
2nd Runner Up

Madison Garcia:

Ali Khan:
1st Runner Up

Addison Andes:
2nd Runner Up

Addison Andes:
Mia Iuli: