Grandstand Events

Thursday, August 22nd

2019 Annual Fair Roping | 7:30 pm

Watch teams of highly skilled ropers do their thing at the Annual Roping Contest at the Gridley Fairgrounds. Team Roping is the MOST DIFFICULT of roping events. This form of roping requires quick timing and precision team work between riders and their horses. This time-honored tradition is sure to be an exciting event!

Download the event flyer below for more information.

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Friday, August 23rd

Tuff Trucks & Mud Bogs
Gates open at 6pm, Starts at 7pm

Come watch cars flip and mud fly! Our event is back for the second year with tons of racing, jumps, crashes, and a whole lot of mud. Cars race timed runs around a course with earning points for fastest time and the biggest jumps. Timed trials through four feet of mud, hit it fast, or get stuck! We are taking participants for this year’s event, or just come out and enjoy.

Saturday, August 24th

Destruction Derby
Gates open at 6pm, Starts at 7pm

If watching wrecks, hearing noise and playing in the dirt get your adrenaline pumping, then the Butte County Fair Destruction Derby is an event for you! Imagine backing into another car on purpose and gaining points that don’t raise your car insurance! There are still opportunities to participate as a driver or just come out to enjoy.

The ever-popular Butte County Fair Destruction Derby has changed this year from Sunday to Saturday this year so don’t miss out! Often said to be the most exciting event that people have ever seen, the derby provides heart-pounding excitement. Mud will fly and cars will crash, making it something to see or participate in.